Our Vision....
to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit by contributing to society in a positive way, and encouraging responsibility and self reliance. We believe in biblical principles, honest hard work, and that we are each responsible for ourselves and our actions, and not dependant on government to provide anything other than what it is provided in the Constitution (what's left of it).

We have been involved in management, investments, and marketing worldwide since 1995, and have assisted many people in business, and have consulted with many people and businesses as they pursue business ventures from part time home business, to diversified income, to full time business. In the past, the economy and our country was a much different place. We succeeded and excelled in promoting the industries that, at the time, were poised to become the future for the entrepreneur. Unfortunately, in the past 10 years or more, our government has sold out our country as we know it, to the New World Order. We now live in a police state, which does everything in it's power to do away with small business, capitalism, and any scrap left of the 'American Dream".

Our efforts now are that of surviving, and witnessing to the salvation of Jesus Christ, as we approach the Last Days prophesied in the Bible. We encourage true Americans to stand up for our country, our Constitution, our faith, our rights, and to arms ourselves with firearms for physical defense, and God's Word for spiritual defense, both of which are our God given rights. We encourage everyone to view our links, and contact us with questions of how to come to know our Lord and Savior before He returns to rescue us from the coming tribulation.

Copilot Enterprises, LLC

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